The VanDevere Bunch Multi-Channel Campaign

Email Campaign to In Market Auto Intenders with IP Linked Banner Ads

A Group Multi-Channel TrueMail Campaign

In an effort to create an upsurge of conquest traffic and sales to their showroom, The VanDevere Bunch
employed a multi-channel TrueMail campaign complete with conquest email and IP linking display. RIMC
suggested targeting car buyers with $1,800+ income and a 500+ credit score within a 20 mile radius of
their stores.

How TrueMail Helped

Within a month span of running our suggested multi-channel campaign, VanDevere experienced a 702%
return on their investment and reported 19.6% of their vehicle sales directly attributed to TrueMail.

Results Summary

Mail Quantity = 95,000
Email Open Rate = 12.56%
Email CTR = 9.54%
Total Impressions = 285,000
Display CTR = 0.045%
99 vehicles sold

Two email deployments and IP linked display ads over a one month period.


Vehicles Sold


Total Emails Sent


Total Impressions


Campaign Cost over a one month period


Total Campaign Income


Total Profit


Return on Investment


Happy Customers