Taylor’s Auto Max Multi-Channel Campaign

Email Campaign to In Market Auto Intenders with IP Linked Banner Ads

A Two-Month Sales Focused Multi-Channel TrueMail Campaign

The highest rated used dealership in the region chose to partner with TrueMail Marketing in the wake of a terrible storm. Unlike most incentives, the “Hail Sale” was not planned nor predicted, but presented a unique opportunity. TrueMail set out to assist not only in car sales, but also web traffic and internal data growth. A combination of conquest email and IP linked digital ads was exactly what Taylor’s Auto Max needed. The plan that TrueMail recommended included hyper-targeting all “super users” with auto buying intent within a 100 mile radius of the dealership, sending email advertisements to those “super users” while simultaneously rendering multiple digital ads across every internet connected device available.

How TrueMail Helped

Within one month of running their mutli-channel campaign, Taylor’s Auto Max sold 31 vehicles directly attributed to TrueMail’s efforts as well as a 1298% Return on Investment.

Results Summary

Mail Quantity = 130,000
Email Open Rate = 11.55%
Email CTR = 9.66%
Total Impressions = 195,000
Display CTR = 0.29%
Display Clicks = 551
Total Vehicles Sold = 31

Four email deployments and IP linked display ads over a two month period.


Vehicles Sold


Total Emails Sent


Total Impressions


Campaign Cost over a one month period


Total Profit


Return on Investment


Cost per Sale