LEC of Lubbock Multi-Channel Campaign

Targeted Multi-Channel; Email, IP Linked Banners, Creative Services

A Medically Focused Multi-Channel TrueMail Campaign

Through multiple weeks of planning and deliberation, TrueMail Marketing was able to identify individuals who were not only interested in LASIK but were also financially qualified to undergo the procedure. The client wished to target individuals who used corrective eye wear, ages 18 to 50, had a household income of $50,000 annually or above with a 640 and above credit score. Although there were tens of thousands of available records, we chose to utilize a smaller portion of that demographic and use a multi-faceted approach to drive engagement.

How TrueMail Helped

The approved plan was laid out over a 60 day time frame where TrueMail would execute four email blasts to 25,000 individuals, two separate follow-up broadcasts to the “responders” (those that opened or clicked in the email), plus 150,000 IP linked banner ads that were rendered across every internet connected device within the 25,000 record universe. Due to the combination of call-to-action from the email and the branding component that was provided via banner ads, month one saw a 17% overall lift in appointments while month two was able to see a little over 20%.

Results Summary

Time of Campaign = Two months
Total Spend = $5,000
Total Emails Sent = 111,266
Total Impressions = 300,000
Total Appointments = 18
Email Average Open Rate = 8.48%
Email Average Click Through Rate = 7.92%
Display Average Click Through Rate = 0.18%
Email Clicks = 1,011
Display Clicks = 308
Total Clicks = 1,319
Cost Per Click = $3.79

2 months

Campaign Length


Campaign Cost


Total Emails Sent


Total Impressions


Number of Appointments Set


Email Average Open Rate


Email Average Click Through Rate


Display Average Click Through Rate


Email Clicks


Display Clicks


Total Clicks


Cost Per Click