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Targeted Email Campaign

A Business to Business Targeted Email Campaign

An innovative creative agency from New Hampshire contracted TrueMail Marketing to perform a Business to Business email campaign with the goal of attracting webinar registrants for a business coaching event. TrueMail was able to accurately identify and engage with individuals who were within a provided range of SIC Codes and Job Titles, performed a three time “prospecting” blast and were able to attract 34 new registrants for the event over a three week period. The first step was developing an A/B split that would allow the client insight as to which marketing message was receiving the most engagement. After the first broadcast was completed, TrueMail was able to identify the highest performing creative and use it for the for the remainder of the campaign.

How TrueMail Helped

Over a three week period, TrueMail Marketing was able to engage with the client’s ideal demographic via targeted email and gain 34 new event registrants.

Results Summary

Email Quantity = 75,000
Average Email Open Rate = 8.4%
Average Email CTR = 7.1%
Event Registrants = 34
Event Participants = 27
Three emails deployed to 25,000 recipients three times over a three week period


Total Emails Sent


Inbox Delivery Rate


Average Open Rate


Average Click Through Rate


Individuals who registered for event


Number of registrants who participated