Our Services

Our marketing solutions are backed by some of the most powerful data sets allowed by law.

Combine that with industry leading technology driving our innovative cross digital platform, that uses a rotating block IP system to ensure inbox delivery, and now you have the perfect recipe for success.

We know that in an ever-evolving world, our technology, marketing solutions, and techniques must stay a step ahead in order to deliver the successful campaign you deserve. After all, your success is everything to us!

Targeted Email Campaigns

The reach of Television with the targeting of high level data

Every part of your email marketing campaign is handled and executed flawlessly with TrueMail's efficient email campaign management services. We deliver full service email marketing management from inception of creative to final attribution, and everything in between.

Digital Multi-Channel Campaigns

Work smarter, not harder

In one seamless process, TrueMail deliver your message to a person’s email inbox, mobile device, desktop and tablet, reaching that individual wherever he or she consumes media. We identify consumers by geographic, demographic and psychographic profiles that are all tied to emails, cookies and device IDs. By crossing "offline" data with "online" data, we are able to build profiles on each and every record within our database, developing what we call a "Super User". These Super Users are individuals who are currently in-market for your product and/or services AND are qualified to buy!

Our dedicated production team knows exactly what it takes to ensure that your customers are immersed in your brand throughout the entirety of your campaign. Our technology allows us to measure performance and make real-time adjustments to improve your campaign’s effectiveness. We are able to accurately determine where these Super Users are actively engaging media and render ads to properly suit their current engagement. For example, if Prospect A engages with pre-roll video ads on YouTube, Prospect B clicks on ads within Facebook, and Prospect C clicks on ads from Pandora, we can then front load the ads through the appropriate vehicle ensuring that Prospect A gets the majority of their ads via targeted pre-roll, Prospect B on Facebook or Social Media, and Prospect C on Pandora. In other words, we get your ideal prospects to engage with your brand wherever THEY are consuming media the most.

Detailed telephone and Mailing Lists

It all starts with the DATA

From auto owners in California to Stock Brokers in New York City, TrueMail Marketing has over 800 different audience verticals to identify, connect, and engage with your ideal prospect. With over 250 million unique consumers, we have the ability to get you in touch with your perfect prospects...across every device simultaneously.

We’ve built a universe of over 250 million reachable consumers for your marketing campaigns. We connect data points to build user profiles that help you connect to the right consumer, with the right message, on the right device, at the right time.

Data Append Services

Think of it as a kitchen remodel, except with customer data

800 various data selects means that we have a lot of information on every record in our database. Information we're happy to pass on by taking a look at your current data set, identifying the holes, and simply filling them in. If your one of those businesses that has their customer data in multiple locations on multiple systems, we're happy to consolidate and make that easily accessible. Or...maybe you're like most of us and are terrible at updating your past customer info so you can stay in touch as you roll out new products...we can help there too!

Branding and Graphic Design Services

Looks aren't everything...but they're important

Your website is your digital store front, it's what everyone surfing the interwebs are going to look at and use to form their opinion of you and your brand.

If it's time for a little face lift, or even a full overhaul, TrueMail has a design team that will work with you every step of the way in order to ensure you get the exact look you need to get your point across.

Hyper-Targeted Social Media Campaigns

Your Facebook Custom Audience on Rocket Fuel

We utilize our robust database of offline, online, and mobile consumer profiles to build you the ideal custom audience that is in the market for your product or service.

Once that ideal audience is uploaded to Facebook, we let their algorithms take over in delivering your branded message to your perfect prospect at their peak usage times, ensuring that your ideal customer is constantly building perceived trust with your brand!